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Old English Fireplace Benches

We are UNIQUE: Club Fenders US is alone in the world making classic old English fireplace benches. These benches (a.k.a. "club fenders") add elegance, function, enjoyment and relevance to today's much-less-used fireplaces. Traditionally used in the 'club' room, parlor or library, benches are also wonderful in master bedroom suites.   

Original old English fireplace benches (19th - 18th C and earlier) are extremely rare. Even Victorian era club fenders (late 19th C) found in many hotels, clubs and lavish homes in Britain are rare in America. All classic old English fireplace benches were made of wrought iron by local blacksmiths commissioned by the landed gentry for their lavish manor homes. The pieces were of welded construction, very heavy and extremely sturdy, but expensive and difficult to transport.  

By contrast, the contemporary benches made in England since mid-20th century are of the Edwardian design, typically made of hollow polished brass components using nut & bolt assembly. Small machine shops make these benches for domestic market and export to US. Edwardian benches are quite standardized and limited in design.  Many lack the weight of the Georgian period iron benches; less weight facilitates ocean transport, but foreign manufacture of benches for the American market creates issues of proper 'fit' and sturdiness for imported club fenders.