Adds style & function in ALL Seasons. Consider the advantages for staging conversation groupings and spaciousness. 
Interior Designers: We welcome your designe perspective and experiences using this little known furniture genre.
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Reasons to Suggest a Club Fender to Clients

A 'club fender' is a unique offering that most designers know little about!
A club fender beautifully finishes interior design around a fireplace
Sophistication:  denotes cosmopolitan experience and world-class interior design  
New possibilities open for spacing of furniture and seating areas
In a large room a fender adds a unique seating section and/or more open flow  
In a small cozy room the bench saves space and adds seating for 2 or 3 
In a bedroom suite a bench welcomes family, adds design and relavence
No other furniture piece is specifically designed for relaxing near a cozy fire 
Advantages of the Georgian era Design 
(Pre-Industrial Revolution) 

Ageless: Wrought iron is ageless, traditional and contemporary
Virtually indestructible base of welded construction
Virtually maintenance free: no rust, no tarnish, no loose nuts & bolts, etc. 
Wrought iron, leather and wood complement a room's design with understated elegance 
Is unlimited in design features; leverages capabilities of artisan ironwork and design preferences
True antiques are extremely rare pieces in private estates and museums
Provenance of design: the romance of legendary Camelot and Normandy in days of chivalry 
Advantages of Local Manufacture

Our club fenders are 100% US (CT) labor and virtually all US sourced materials
Truly Custom: design and "fit" can be readily discussed, changed and personalized
Delivery time is 2 to 4 weeks vs. months from England
Lower costs, exceptional product quality 
Elimination of trans-Atlantic shipping costs and delivery delays
We do in-home consultations: recommended when feasible 
We can communicate easily: by phone, in person, via internet without time zone issues 
We offer a broader selection of leathers and design options
Greater service and personal responsibility during and after the purchase