Bringing Family and Friends Together -      at the fireplace 

Measuring and Designing

The "Corner Set" Club Fender

The "corner set" advantage is it fits most fireplace hearths. It provides easy access when building and tending the fire.

Corners easily move close in when the fire is not burning.  

The cut bench combines the classic style of a full bench with ease of tending to the fire. 


Call  for  personal attention to design and measuring issues: 


FREE Measuring & Consultation ...We are available to discuss by phone and to visit whenever feasible.  In short...

1) Select a Full Bench, Corner Bench Set or Cut Bench.

2) You/we will need to decide where the 'bench return' should abut the the fireplace 'surround' and should the base sit upon the hearthstone, frame it or transition it (provide pictures so we can discuss). 

3) Consider the desired bench seat height.  

4) Provide measurements of the hearthstone; is it flush with the floor? We have a design solution for hearthstones that are irregular, slightly raised or lower than floor level. 

5) Email or fax several pictures of your fireplace, and we'll call to discuss. A simple sketch of the fireplace and mantel elements with dimensions and room size is helpful as we consider the details.