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- Old English Fireplace Benches -  
 Classic 18th Century 
English Club Fenders

The British moniker 'club fender' is not familiar in America. 'Old English Fireplace Benches' describes what we make with differentiation from contemporary models made in England since 1920's. The name also reflects the heritage and design elements of our benches, in particular the original materials and workmanship. Club Fenders LLC is alone in the world today as a maker of these iconic British pieces in anything like the classic originals. 

Classic antique club fenders [fireplace benches] were exclusively made in England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Their heritage transitions pre-Industrial Revolution through the 'Golden Age' of English Imperialism. The primary components were wrought iron and the craftsmanship of the local forge...this differentiates them from current day exports to America. 


The artistry of a fender’s design added elegance around the hearth in drawing rooms and libraries. In function the benches protected a lady's skirt from fire and cinders, and provided seating close to the warmth of the fire given the absence of central heating.  Club fenders are also associated with sophisticated social entertaining, private clubs and family gatherings on special occasions.


The classic fenders were luxury pieces. These were expensive, very heavy and prohibitively costly to ship long distances. For this reason the truly classic Georgian era club fenders are rare in Europe and practically unknown in the US. A very few made their way to America having been acquired by American industrial and banking families buying what were then already antiques from private sellers in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  


I was fortunate to encounter a couple classic club fenders in my youth spent on the North Shore of Long Island.  From memory, impressions and research, Club Fenders US now custom crafts fireplace benches for a discerning clientele in the greater NY/CT/NJ area.


The club fender (be it Edwardian or Georgian) is an almost unknown in America. Top designers have been able to obtain modern made club fenders from England or through importers, but at great expense and limited options as to design and proper fit.  England today only makes fenders in the style popularized by machine manufacturing (Industrial Revolution), production line techniques and extrusion of metal alloys. By comparison, Club Fenders US hand forges bases in Connecticut, and we customize and fit to individual order.  

We have eliminated foreign labor, expensive trans-Atlantic freight, and high middleman costs. Wrought iron and leather are classic and contemporary in design. Our construction and materials are more enduring, our methods friendly to the environment, and our pricing very favorable compared to imports. An Old English Fireplace Bench will cost about the what you'd expect to pay for two chairs near the hearth.